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Ecofriendly tiny homes and short-term rentals!

We know that there is more to life than the 9-5. So do you. In fact, 87% of Americans responded that they would like to continue working remotely after COVID-19. How does that become a reality when people are stuck in year long leases and jobs that require commitment to one location?
The way that people live and work is changing. Bucket List Travels began in 2015 with a clear vision. Before COVID-19 sparked a major change in the travel industry, our mission started with simply providing a flexible way to live and work to people that embraced a nomadic lifestyle.
We offer short-term rentals and tiny homes to people who want to enjoy an active, adventurous life. Whether you are a young professional traveling alone, a couple moving from city to city, or a family with children, you will find your next dream home with Bucket List Stays.
At Bucket List Stays, we believe most people have a clear picture of what they want, but they don’t know how to get there. That’s where we come in! Our team of professionals is dedicated to “friends and family service,” which means our customers get only the best. We take pride in being available 24/7 and offering services such as keyless entry, food delivery, and many others that traditional property management companies do not.
We offer the comforts of home but elevate them to create a home that feels great, looks fantastic, and offers you the relaxation or excitement that you’re looking for.
Bucket List Stays ensures you can focus on what really matters to you. Our ecofriendly short-term leases in a variety of locations, we can help you find the ideal place for your next adventure. We have a variety of short term and some long-termleasing options in the United States and internationally. Some of our most popular locations include: Tybee Island, New Orleans,Fleming Island, and the Dominican Republic.
Why short-term leases?

Short term leases give you the freedom and flexibility to live life wherever you want. They let you try out a home before you buy it, so you can keep what works for you and leave the rest behind.

Bucket List Stays has a simple mission: to help you live the life you imagined, full of freedom, joy and unforgettable experiences. Our company believes in leaving a place better than when you found it, through our environmentally friendlyinitiatives.

A bucket list helps you prioritize your life goals, and our team of travel experts will make you the number one priority. “Sea the vision” for your future with us at one of our luxurious properties.


Full-service Management

Bucket List Stays is an owner-operated business that ​​provides full-service management to property
owners worldwide. See all that we offer below:

Property Management

Our property management process focuses on optimizing occupancy using the most innovative tools out there

Online Services

Our extensive knowledge and online tools can help guide vacation rental owners, property managers, guests, service providers, real estate agents, or investors no matter where they are.

Vacation Rentals

Large vacation resorts can gradually destroy the local resources and environment on which tourism itself depends. We greatly value the re-use of the existing landscape to retain its beauty and minimize environmental impact.

Community Growth

Our valued partnerships not only allow us to create the most technologically advanced spaces for our clients but also help the community by growing the local economy.

Meet the team Members

Tamara N. Jones(TJ)

Executive Director

Lea Shereen

Channel Administrator

Carol Lilly


Victor Mokuolo


Shanen Pascal



Our team has been learning from experiences world wide since 2015. In February 2018, we started managing the first vacation property in Tybee Island while growing local partnerships. By 2019 we had forged relationships with the locals whom today provide our cleaning, transportation, and entertainment services. With diverse backgrounds in finance, technology, and newly obtained local knowledge, Bucket List Stays has continued to significantly increase revenue and vacation properties under management throughout the country.
​Bucket List Stays’ local expertise, market analysis, and rental strategies are what set us apart. Through our personalized service and optimized pricing, we can guarantee better bookings and up to 50% more revenue during the off-season. ​ We look forward to serving you!

Tamara Jones,

Founder & CEO