Created on By Tamara N. Jones

The Victory Mystery

Welcome to Relentless Raven. Lady Eloise has lost the key to her grandfather's house. She must find it in order to prove that she is the heir to his fortune. If she does not prove this, then the fortune will go to her cousin the dreaded Lord Stanley whom no one loves or adores. Rumor has it that if Lord Stanley gets the inheritance, then he will destroy the Relentless Raven and all will be lost. You must help Eloise save this magnificent house.

Find the key and save the legacy.

Convinced myself, I seek not to convince. But I want to convince you of my innocence. There is nothing more innocent than chocolate. The darker the Letter the word is better.

Solve the puzzle.

(Click on the left corner icon for the hint)

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The average score is 9%