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How to Invest in Tiny Home Rental Property

An Easy Guide to Jumpstart Your Tiny Home Vacation Rental Business 

Looking to take your first leap into the serene and adventurous world of tiny house vacation but not sure how to go about it? How to Invest in Tiny Home Rental Property: A Simple Guide to Jumpstart Your Tiny Home Vacation Rental Business simplifies all you need to know about starting and running a tiny home vacation rental business without burning too much brainpower.

This book will guide you from start to finish on your journey to earning sustainable and good income from a tiny home vacation rental business. Oh, you are only interested in getting a tiny home for your personal use? You will find this book useful!

Written by an expert in vacation rentals and property management, the book grinds all the details of tiny home living and business with precision and expertise.

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Rental Arbitrage Online Master Class

Do you know you can make sizable profits on online travel agencies like, Airbnb and Vrbo without owning a rental property? Have you ever wished you were one of those lucky Premier hosts who raked in huge monthly sales? If so, this master class is for you!
In this class, you will learn about rental arbitrage: the secret behind the success of many hosts on vacation rental sites. Through rental arbitrage, you can become a master leaseholder and lease a property for a period during which you list it on these vacation rental sites to make profits.

In person 2 Days workshop available with 5 or more course attendees, course plus additional workbook purchase required.

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