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Why do you need to invest in Bucket List Stays LLC?

● Bucket List Stays gives opportunities to investors to invest through multiple means. This includes individually, through an LLC and even with your Self-Directed IRA funds. Have a balanced and diversified portfolio is extremely important for all investors.

● Our target demographics are Executives and other professionals who need corporate housing, this demographic results in inherently high-quality tenants which can increase overall revenue.

● This is a great source of passive income where you are free from taking crucial business decisions like buying, managing, or owning any property directly.

● Airbnb and vacation rentals are a type of “Feel Good” investment as a consistent passive stream of income for investors. When you have tenants paying rents, you get the security of a regular income source.

● The value of your investment increases as the investments appreciate in value over time.


Our process is one of building trust through examples. We initially will outline the investment
opportunity, show forward looking projections based on historical data and show our investor the
future income that can be made. Our goal is to build a long lasting partnership with our investor


We manage to identify and approach accredited investors with at least $250,000 per year
assets and with the basic understanding of real estate investments to be a partner with us.


All of our investments plans are carried out after prudent property research. We look at historical
data, growth statistics, demand, demographics and more to determine the viability of an
investment. All are well-researched by our local experts in that specific area.


Vacancy Rates (VR) are expressed as a percentage of how many homes are available to rent
locally. We always focus on localities with minimum VR to create strong
rental demand that is ultimately profitable for our investors partners.


Real Estate Investment is a challenging business that demands a proactive approach to tackle
risk factors. We build strong networks that are supported by our in-house solicitors, local title
examination department, and cutting-edge information sources.
There’s one of three reasons people don’t invest in real estate;
1. They don’t have the time
2. They don’t have the experience
3. They think they don’t have the money
Usually it’s a combination of all 3, we eliminate all of those by providing you with opportunities to
invest in real estate that are all managed by us, you simply get to profit along the way

Investment Opportunities

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